Saturday, December 11, 2010

My personal plastic sounds

I dream in a sea
of Polyethylene sounds
and plastic caress.

I wake up and look at the sky
polyester clouds raining nylon threads
over my Melamine face.

I play the drum of my skin
to the rhythm of polystaturated carbon
of my celofan soul.

If everything is a dream
I want to share the secret sound
of my journey with you.

Every morning plastic visits my mouth
in the form of a brush for my teeth
of a cup, of food…

Every morning coffee
and its aroma and its music
visit the plastic to dance.

My body resists to change
but I am a chameleon
half flesh half PVC.

Haiku-performance by Adrián
as part of "Beautiful Trash" project
@ de Young Museum SF
Friday December 10, 3:33pm
Photos by Danica Conneely
Thanks to Claudia Camille for her help

-peace and poetry-