Thursday, October 29, 2015

17 ways to say the same (from 1 to 4)

What is real?
A hug is real
the taste of lost kisses
is not
Time is not real
desire is real.
When you look at me it's real
if you touch me, I don't know if it's real
when you leave, I don't want it to be real.
What is real?
Lying down on my bed
is real
listening to the silence of  dawn
seems unreal
and in the distance the stars
giving each other kisses
that is so real.

a door appears and I open it
I see a  huge room lit up
and a table with all the objects
I've lost in life.
A watch, a pair of shoes,
a comb, a ring,
a heart and a hug.
I must choose just one and leave.
The watch will be good for not wasting time,
the hug to feel loved,
the comb to look presentable,
the ring to feel engaged,
the heart to keep having palpitations,
and the pair of shoes to walk around the world
that is what I want
so I wear them and I leave running
searching for more doors,
and to see if I can find you.

is not a state of mind
it is an accident
caused by
the loss of some hugs
and unconsciously humming
some songs
we ought to forget.

Sometimes it's good
to take time to caress
the skin of wind
the water of wrinkles
the birthmarks of fire
the secrets of the damp earth.
Sometimes it's good
to take time to caress
your own face.

© Adri├ín
17 poems in progress