Friday, January 11, 2013

At night (or day)

I don’t want to walk down the street in fear
I want to sing as I walk
I want to dance if I feel like it

I don’t want you to clap my mouth shut because I am singing
or because you don’t want me to scream in fear or pain
I want to scream my singing to trees

I don’t want to run chased by shadows
I want to run chased by birds and clouds
I want to fly with them and visit my illusions

I don’t want you to throw me to the ground and mistreat me
the earth is sacred and my body also
You can calm down and try to think

There is nothing wrong in thinking it over again
You can ask your footsteps or your memory
there is nothing wrong with sitting down to think it over  again

There is no blood more sacred than lives in our body
no ideas more beautiful than are expressed in a smile or a kiss
I don’t want pain or fear or sympathy or trembling hugs

I want to write a poem in my body
about my life free and peaceful
just that, nothing more than that
-As I walk around my neighborhood-

Trans: Nina Serrano, 2013

-peace and poetry-