Sunday, November 29, 2015


(needs music)

If you're far away
I don't want to miss you
but there are new leaves
growing on the tree,
if you are near
I just want to look into your eyes
and dance because
you make me feel days of fresh rain on my skin.
If you are close I tremble
if you embrace me the sun shines,
and when you leave
my house turns blue
and my body disappears
in the noise of the street.
I try to remember you
you are somewhere
but I can't
even though I haven't met you yet, but
there are new leaves growing on the tree,
I know you're around.

© Adrian
Translated by Nina Serrano

Thursday, October 29, 2015

17 ways to say the same (from 1 to 4)

What is real?
A hug is real
the taste of lost kisses
is not
Time is not real
desire is real.
When you look at me it's real
if you touch me, I don't know if it's real
when you leave, I don't want it to be real.
What is real?
Lying down on my bed
is real
listening to the silence of  dawn
seems unreal
and in the distance the stars
giving each other kisses
that is so real.

a door appears and I open it
I see a  huge room lit up
and a table with all the objects
I've lost in life.
A watch, a pair of shoes,
a comb, a ring,
a heart and a hug.
I must choose just one and leave.
The watch will be good for not wasting time,
the hug to feel loved,
the comb to look presentable,
the ring to feel engaged,
the heart to keep having palpitations,
and the pair of shoes to walk around the world
that is what I want
so I wear them and I leave running
searching for more doors,
and to see if I can find you.

is not a state of mind
it is an accident
caused by
the loss of some hugs
and unconsciously humming
some songs
we ought to forget.

Sometimes it's good
to take time to caress
the skin of wind
the water of wrinkles
the birthmarks of fire
the secrets of the damp earth.
Sometimes it's good
to take time to caress
your own face.

© Adrián
17 poems in progress

Friday, July 31, 2015


I am seated in my white chair
watching the moon grow
It is as if today
you are looking at me.

You are the enigmatic face of night
you closed one eye
and with the other you described
a landscape of hugs
sharing the light of a dream
where the rocks are birds
and pain
is the color of a new flower.

Eye that illuminates the aroma
of tranquility
bird eye
hug eye
kiss eye
that my mouth needs
and your mouth wants to give secretly
I want to receive the moon smoothly
on your lips
and feel
I've known you
a lifetime.

© Adrián

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

And what if....

And what if
when I close the curtains
behind the window
everything disappears
and when I am sleeping
my heart stops to save beats

((( Crazy you are crazy
a voice tells me
and I answer
don't act bored
you taught me to be crazy))) 

And what if
when I think of red
flowers grow in your garden
and you paint your lips
and if I think of blue
by surprise a tear falls
down your check and you smile
thinking of me
What about…?

© Adrián

Sunday, September 28, 2014


Now I am a rabbit
I jump the fence landing nearby
and I fall into a deep dream like Alice in that country…

Now I am a snail
in the restless ear of  a girl
who thinks she hears the waves waves waves and in the distance someone says goodbye…

Now I am a butterfly
emerging from the depth of a tree
they have cut off my head, replaced my branches with flapping wings…

Now I am an empty glass
the water waiting for the fire that doesn’t even light
the wet earth that stays dry, the air that quickly dishevels your hair…

Every moment presses me
transforms me blurs me and reconstructs me
every moment is enough to die a thousand times to be reborn without noticing  

Now I am Adrian
5 feet 11 inches black graying hair brown eyes
but only for a moment because there is some one or something more waiting in the metamorphosis line…

© Adrian

Trans: Nina Serrano, 2014