Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Bad Idea # 1

I grab a memory 
I look at it
I do not recognize it
I wrinkle it 
making it a crumpled paper ball
and throwing it into the paper trash.

I grab another memory 
and the same thing happens, 
another crumpled paper ball.
And so I spent the afternoon and evening 
wrinkling forgotten memories 
and the paper trash, filled with the balls  
look at me 
with its face of unpleasant memories. 

I look at it
and I see with surprise that the little balls
start moving slowly 
as they stretch 
changing shape 
now they seem like small personages
holding on to something to keep from falling. 

With some trepidation I approach 
and grab one 
I look 
it looks at me 
I unwrinkled it
I can almost feel its relief 
I suspect it recognizes me 
but I don’t it 
who cares. 

I unwrinkle them one by one 
spending all of the dawn. 
and keep them in the box of memories 
that I do not remember.

Translation by Nina Serrano

© Adrian 2014