Sunday, September 28, 2014


Now I am a rabbit
I jump the fence landing nearby
and I fall into a deep dream like Alice in that country…

Now I am a snail
in the restless ear of  a girl
who thinks she hears the waves waves waves and in the distance someone says goodbye…

Now I am a butterfly
emerging from the depth of a tree
they have cut off my head, replaced my branches with flapping wings…

Now I am an empty glass
the water waiting for the fire that doesn’t even light
the wet earth that stays dry, the air that quickly dishevels your hair…

Every moment presses me
transforms me blurs me and reconstructs me
every moment is enough to die a thousand times to be reborn without noticing  

Now I am Adrian
5 feet 11 inches black graying hair brown eyes
but only for a moment because there is some one or something more waiting in the metamorphosis line…

© Adrian

Trans: Nina Serrano, 2014

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